Professional presentation building, tailored to your brand

Easily apply your corporate identity and design across all your company’s presentations. Secure distribution and maintenance.

Did you see Bob’s presentation? He used the wrong logo, again

Templates and options that match your CI/CD.

Unlike any other editor for presentations, DeckDeckGo assists you in applying your corporate identity to your company's presentations.

The design, colors, fonts, styles and any other options you are defining in your templates are those your collaborators are using.

Together with your designers, we create unbreakable slides that match your design systems.

Moreover, rolling out new design and logo has never been so easy and DeckDeckGo can offer so much more.

Enterprise features

In addition to the community features, organizations can get more upon request:

Unbreakable templates

Apply your brand design, colors, fonts, styles and any other options to your templates. Those will be used by all your collaborators.

Share, privately

Create, private links to prevent access to your published content.

Export, to PDF

If, you like PDFs more than apps.

Custom fonts

Use your own brand fonts.

In, housing

Integrate, DeckDeckGo into your private infrastructure and networks.

Custom, domain

Publish your decks under your own domain name.

Always, up-to-date

Propagate, your corporate design improvements to all your presentations.


List, and find all your company's presentations in a single place.


Multiple users can edit a presentation at the same time.


Organize your company's media library and share it with your teams.


Your inquiries have the highest priorities.

Get in touch for a tailored discussion about your needs and pricing.

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