We aim to be transparent, therefore, furthermore than open sourcing our all code on Github, here are the list of services we are using to provide DeckDeckGo.


We use AWS Lambda, RDS, S3 and SQS to save and publish online the presentations as Progressive Web Apps. The choice behind this is mostly the fact that we thought that the S3 solution was a good one for our purpose but beside that, it was also challenging to run Haskell Webapps on AWS Lambda. Our AWS cloud server is set in us-east-1 (Virginia).


We are using Firestore to save your data and the presentations you are editing. We are also using Google Firebase Hosting and Authentication. Both feature are good match to serve and deploy easily Progressive Web Apps. Their Authentication is also interesting as it provides the social login we were looking for (like email and GitHub). Our Firebase cloud server is set in nam5 (us-central).

Tenor and Unsplash

To provide a user friendly gifs and stock photos integration we have integrated the APIs provided by Tenor, which is owned by Google, and Unsplash.

Font Awesome

The shapes, which could be integrated in your presentation, are free icons provided by Font Awesome. We do not use any APIs to fetch these respectively we are hosting them.


In order to send time to time newsletters, mostly when we are releasing new features, we are using Mailchimp. Upon creating an account users are opted into it but they can opt out through their account’s “Settings” page and at the link of the footer in any of these non-administrative emails.

All these services are covered in our Privacy Policy and Terms of Services.