Professional presentation building, tailored to your brand.

Easily apply your corporate identity and design across all your company’s presentations. Secure distribution and maintenance.

Did you see Bob’s presentation? He used the wrong logo, again.

Templates and options that match your CI/CD.

Unlike any other editor for presentations, DeckDeckGo assists you in applying your corporate identity to your company's presentations.

The design, colors, fonts, styles and any other options you are defining in your templates are those your collaborators are using.

Together with your designers, we create unbreakable slides that match your design systems.

Moreover, rolling out new design and logo has never been so easy and DeckDeckGo can offer so much more.

Main features

Edit anywhere

The editor is available anywhere, it is a Progressive Web App!

Showcase everywhere

Presentations work on computers, phones, tablets and more. They are published as standalone apps.

Privacy per default

Your presentations and content are private. You can choose to share them publicly anytime, but that's your choice.

Share standalone apps

Your presentation are published as standalone Progressive Web Apps. Share them by sending your colleagues and friends a link.

Push to GitHub

Get the source code of your apps pushed automatically to your GitHub


Share privately

Create private links to prevent access to your published content.

Export to PDF

If you like PDFs more than apps.


Engage with your audience in real time. Get them involved during your presentations with their smartphones and show live results.


Present and edit your presentation offline.


Unbreakable templates

Apply your design, colors, fonts, styles and any other options to your templates. Those will be used by all your collaborators.

Highlighted code

Show syntax highlighted code in beautiful terminal cards.

Embed your products

If your products are made with the web too, embed these directly in your slides.

Cloud library

All data (text, images, etc) you upload are saved in your personal cloud storage and available to all slides.


Embed YouTube videos easily. Play and pause through the remote control.

Unsplash and Tenor GIFs

Search and integrate stock photos and GIFs.

Google Fonts

Select a Google Font from a list we have preselected for you.

Custom fonts

Use your own brand fonts.

Full screen edit

No more switch to make a quick change, your slides are editable in full screen mode as well.


Make individual text elements appear one after the other.


Render Math formulas with Katex in your slides.


Plot simple lines, area, bar, pie or donut charts.


Remote control

Control your presentations remotely, draw over your slides and set a timer from your phone or tablet.

Speaker notes

Write notes for your slides. Cherry on top, Markdown is supported.

More for Enterprise

In housing

Integrate DeckDeckGo into your private infrastructure and networks.

Custom domain

Publish your decks under your own domain name.

Always up-to-date

Propagate your corporate design improvements to all your presentations.


List and find all your presentations in a single place.


Multiple users can edit a presentation at the same time.


Organize your company's media library and share it with your teams.


Your inquiries have the highest priorities.


Developer Kit

Would you rather prepare your presentation with HTML or Markdown? All public features used by our editor are available as a developer kit.

Open source

DeckDeckGo is open source. All code of our applications and components are available on GitHub


We encourage enterprise to adopt this approach but we do understand if you prefer to keep your corporate templates private.

Above features identified with an "enterprise" icon are available upon request for organizations.

Get in touch for a tailored discussion about your needs and pricing.

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